About Me

I am an abstract impressionistic painter, body painter, creative coach & creative educator dedicated to bring you the inspiration you need.

Painting brings me peace and allows me to go deep into a meditative awake state, it gives my life balance and beauty. I help people like you add more color in your life, whether it’s through a body painting or a beautiful piece of art on your wall.

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“Let me bring your true colors out to shine!”

- Sheryl

Body Art for the Soul

What I do? Body paintings for the soul.

Who is it for? The soul seeker, creative spirit, spirit junkie, the adventure lover.

Why it’s special? It is something unique and different you can show your friends and hang on your wall. Not your average portrait. It’s an opportunity to be turned into an exquisite piece of art.

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I call my art “Spiritual Art”.  Most of my work has a reference to spirituality.  There are messages within each painting. A lot of my work is made with fluid acrylics so there is this whimsical quality to my art.  There is a flow which represents the natural rhythm and movement in life. That everything is ever changing and fluid. My work is made for the spirit junkies, yoga lovers, creatives, life coaches and for people who are looking for positive light in their lives.

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My Gallery

Body Art for the Soul

Body Painting

Sheryl Benjy

Spirit junkie🙏🏻 +Whimsical International Artist 👩🏻‍🎨🎨🌸 +Body Painter +Coach for Creatives + Yoga Lover🌟 + Nature Lover🌿.

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