About Me

Hi there!  I’m Sheryl


An abstract impressionistic painter, body painter, creative coach & creative educator.
I help people like you add more color, light and whimsical fun to your life, whether
it’s through a magical body painting experience or an uplifting piece of art on
your wall.

My story


Growing up in an immigrant family, it was very hard for me as a young child to adapt to
my new environment.  The only thing that brought me solace was art. I didn’t know what
I wanted to do when I grew up, but I did know I loved painting.
I embraced body painting in particular as a way to break free from the suffocating box I
was put in by my culture.  I was a wallflower and painfully shy growing up,
not wanting any attention on me.


After years of struggling with thyroid problems after pregnancy, I realized it wasn’t just a
medical problem, it was spiritual as well.  I was not expressing myself nor using my
voice.  Painting people allowed me to get out of that box and express who I truly was on
the inside, while inspiring the women I painted to express their true selves too.
I was terrified in a lot of ways because I was afraid of being judged. I did it anyway. It
felt magically liberating for everyone and … my thyroid issues began to fade away!
I also started speaking more about my art as my confidence and believe in myself grew.
My art healed me and now I intend to help heal, grow, and celebrate you.


What inspires me


Both my wall art and body art have a very whimsical quality with hidden messages from
the universe, unconditional love, positive symbols, and affirmations.  My goal as an
artist is to bring these messages to you so you can feel the peace, balance and
beauty they represent.


I use fluid acrylics on canvas in order to get the flow-like effect in my artwork.  I also
incorporate salt and sometimes sugar to give my art a more textured look. The salt and
sugar symbolize the yin and yang in life. The sweet, happy moments and the sad,
tearful moments.


If anything, I have learned that following your bliss is essential in life. And as I continue
to grow as an artist, I intend to keep inspiring you so we can spread that light together.
Now about YOU!

What are you most craving from life?  Do you want to be more creative? Add more
passion in your life?  Add more color on your walls or even on your body? Let’s make it


Whether you need a piece of art for your wall, body art, coaching, art classes, or
just someone who really cares – I am the artist for you.


Let’s stay in touch! Become a Body Art for The Soul Insider by entering your name and
email below. Once a month I will share inspirational stories, quotes, and what’s
happening in my creative world.


Bio Highlights


2013: officially launched my creative practice after my daughter’s 1st birthday

2014: first exhibition and fundraiser for the John Hopkins breast cancer research
institute, inspired by the painting “Bold in Pink” – a portrait of a friend in remission for
breast cancer.

2014: launched the Gold Necklace Blog, a space devoted to creativity, art and

2014-16: exhibits at The Chocolate and Art Show, Art Landing and Beyond the Lines Art

2016: pivotal moment in my career with the 100 paintings in 100 days project

2016: became a Certified Life Coach

2016: held my first collaborative Yoga and Art Retreat

2017: my first body painting series: “Yogart,” in which I painted yogis in different yoga
poses and photographed them – start of my body painting obsession!

2017: published my first children’s book “Spirit’s Magical Journey,” written & illustrated
by me.

2018: my body paintings “Body Art for the Soul” are published in Voyage LA Magazine

2018: my first international art exhibition in Rome and Frosinone, Italy

2020: part of “Brush Off” exhibit with Jeffrey Sklan

2020:published in Shoutout LA magazine

2020: started my 100 day painting journey dedicated to the healthcare workers during Covid

2020:started Saturday Night Live Art Shows with artist Brooke Harker

2021:my artwork is published in Vanity Fair magazine (June, July and August edition) and The World of Interiors magazine.  My work is also published in Trendy Art Ideas online magazine

2021:part of the International Women Artist Exhibition

2021:my Body Art for the Soul image “Native Spirit Goddess” projected on the walls of Melrose

2022:started The Creative Spirits Podcast


Let’s stay in touch! Become a Body Art for The Soul Insider by entering your name and
email below. Once a month I will share inspirational stories, quotes, and what’s
happening in my creative world.


Thank you so much for reading this far and connecting.

With deep gratitude,



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