Body Art for the Soul

Let me bring your true colors out to shine!

Body Art for the Soul

What I do? Body paintings for the soul.

Who is it for? The soul seeker, creative spirit, spirit junkie, the adventure lover.

Why it’s special? It is something unique and different you can show your friends and hang on your wall. Not your average portrait. It’s an opportunity to be turned into an exquisite piece of art.

How it works– Easy, I paint your body and you will feel your spirit glow. All you need is a nude tube top and leggings. If you are a woman, bring your favorite lipstick colors.

What do I do next? Sign up below and once you give a deposit you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know you better and get a feel for what you want for our Body Art for the Soul session.

As adults we forget to go into our land of imagination. We forget to play, dream and be in the moment. With Body Art for the Soul I wanted to create a space where you can be in a magical world again with fairies, rainbows and wonder. It’s a time to self reflect, feel the paint strokes against your skin and really take care of you. Art is a form of healing and this process nourishes and can be healing to the soul.

Buddhist monks create these elaborate sand mandalas and say beautiful prayers over them setting these wonderful intentions. Then they wipe it all away and take them to a river so the rest of the world can benefit from those prayers. It’s about the impermanence of everything in life. Body art for me is exactly that. I immerse you in a temporary magical world to be in that moment and state of pure bliss. In the end all the paint is wiped off. It’s all gone. The only thing that remains are the photos and the memory. This is a time to invest in yourself and your self care. Allow me to transport you into a whole different dimension.

Body Art for the Soul Packages

Expansion of the Soul Package Includes:
  • Custom made background
  • More elaborate body painting (no skin showing)
  • One minute video with music of final product
  • 35 edited digital images
  • Lashes, gems and props (at least 4 props)
  • Symbol of choice painted on back
  • 4 hour immersive experience
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Enlightened Package Includes:
  • Choice of one painted background
  • Body art that covers most of your body/skin
  • 25 edited digital images
  • One minute video clip with music of final product
  • Hairdo with designed hair clip and/or flowers
  • Lashes, gems
  • 3 props (flowers, gold ball, candles, etc.)
  • Symbol of choice painted on your back
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Lotus Package Includes:
  • Choice of one painted background
  • Light body painting
  • 15 edited digital images
  • 30 second video clip with music of final product
  • Simple hairdo with designed hair clip or flower
  • Two props (candles, gold ball, flowers)
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Two people maximum.

A $250 non refundable deposit is required through Venmo or Paypal to secure the date. Deposit will go toward the total cost. You can also divide into 2-3 payments before the body painting experience that will have an additional $50 fee or pay in full at no additional cost.

Once you put a deposit I will send you a consent form and questionnaire to fill out so I can get to know you better.

This is an experience you will never forget!

Love and Light Always,

Sheryl Benjy

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