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“Sheryl’s art both inspires me and brings me peace. What I see when I meditate, focus on the energy of the universe, and feel how we are connected, is also what is expressed to me when I take in Sheryl’s art. Her art fills my soul when I look at it and reminds me of how beautiful and important the relationship between humans, nature and the universe is, for all of us to stop and consider. That is something I am honored to live with in my home.”

- Kristen

“I had a very profound experience working with Sheryl. She is a very gifted and talented artist. In the beginning I had an idea about what I wanted, but then as soon she started painting me I had decided to trust her intuition and that was the best thing I ever done as a very interesting character starts to unfold. I believe we all have those archetypes , personas and identities inside of us . And the combination of one allowing it to come out and a great artist to tap into that can create a magic outcome. At one point I felt that integration took place as I start to connect more and more to that character and while there I behaved accordingly to what that character suggested me to do so. And was her guidance and intuition that was fundamental to create the safety environment for me to express the characteristics , ideas, and traits related to that person. Her work goes beyond the aesthetic / performance part which is unquestionable beautiful, but it’s also very healing and therapeutic in a sense that one may tap into deep hidden parts of the unknown soul, mind and spirit and real essence may show up.
I truly recommend her work to anyone who wants to have fun, discovery more about oneself , and benefit of her beautiful work.”

- Andreia Brancagliao

“I have known Sheryl for several years…we met through mutual friends attending her art classes. I followed her work and appreciate her use of color, fluidity between different formats and most importantly the development of her own style. I attended her art show and fell in love with her “Mother & Child.” My husband and I had been searching for the perfect painting for his psychiatry and analytic practice…and found it with Sheryl. The painting is of a mother holding her baby…she is strong and warm and exudes unconditional love. It is calming and a beautiful depiction of the good mother within us all. I am proud to own a “Sheryl Benjy original” and now looking forward to adding her work to my art collection at home. The art piece was wrapped nicely and delivered with story of the image as well as the special decorative paper used in the background of the subjects. I urge anyone interested in art and creativity to browse through her collection and choose one that they connect with.”

- Bahareh

“I cherish my “Waves of Life” painting by Sheryl Benjy. This piece represents life—how, like a wave, it is always strongly moving forward. Never predictably, usually sloppily, full of both good and bad aspects, but always moving forward. I cannot even glance at this painting without being reminded of that fact. Sheryl incorporated in this work both salt for the bitter and sugar for the positive aspects of life. This painting consistently centers me.”

- Anne McGrail

“My experience with Sheryl was above and beyond my expectations. As she was painting me, she told me about her vision on the piece. Not only did she bring it to life, she even incorporated a symbol that was symbolic to me and my life. She has an incredible energy and soul. My soul body art session was a spiritual and relaxing experience and I look forward to more in the future.”

- Tali Khoshbin
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