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The Meaning Behind Art


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At my last art show I decided to put the meaning behind each artwork. I couldn’t believe the reaction I got from so many of the women. Comments like “that’s me!” or “I want this because I relate to it”. This piece for example represents the waves of life. Sometimes we are overcome with these massive waves in our lives, we feel like we are about to sink and lose our breath. Then the wave subsides and there is a quiet stillness, an inner peace. We then realize that we will be ok.

There is sugar and salt infused in the painting as well which represents the yin and yang in life. The sugar represents the sweet, happy moments and the salt represents the tearful, sad moments. That is life, we must have both. Although, I hope your life is filled mostly with sugar and sweetness.

If you want to give a gift to someone, think about giving them a painting. There is so much that goes into a handmade object. There is love, thought and care that comes from the artists soul and hands. It will be passed down for generations and increase in value over time. You are giving a gift of the artists vision to that very special someone.



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